In 2008, will see the 20th Year Anniversary of a culmination of inceptions, creations, innovations, mergers, sales, and purchases of business entities, enterprises, and trademark and copyright creations with deep roots into desktop publishing at its inception to the transition to the BBS and later in the early 1990s to advent of the Internet and Programming, Graphics, Web Development, Data Base, Marketing, and Advertising. Contact Gary Hamilton and 1.702.510.6740 EM@il: Project Q&A or skype: sevenservices.

Over the years, entity clients have included Canon; Polk; Gallup; IBM; Microsoft; Apple; RL Donnelly; General Foods; Red Lobster; Chi Chi's; Chrysler; Mercedes Benz; Toyota; Nissan; Corel; Word Perfect; Adobe; MicroGrahics; US Supreme Court; Numerouus State of Nebraska Agencies too lengthy to list; University of Nebraska; FBI; INS; ICE;;; and the governments of Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Iraq, Bosnia, and Cambodia to name just a few.

The once held and created company InterActive Solutions (now created the original source code and games for the Playtech Casinos and Ruby Bingo;; and Wicked Casino for Jenna Jameson and Vivid. Gary Hamilton, the CEO of, was one of the 5 Board of Directors of Playtech with gaming revenues growing from $50 Million Dollars to over $1 Billion Dollars per year from 1997 to 2003 without any Sports Betting or Lottery Revenues-Comparable to many Las Vegas Strip Casinos. Gary Hamilton CEO of is deeply involved in the the development, consultation, and transition of land based gaming, online gaming, satellite gaming, and mobile gaming as all forms of gaming, platforms, and branding as all forms of gaming evolve into becoming one. View the Up To Date Gaming Domain Portfolio in PDF Format - InfoGaming 2008 Gaming Domain Portfolio. is based out of Las Vegas and is available for due diligence, divesture, consulting, development, security, risk and fraud management, marketing, and compliance licensing. View the detailed History of in PDF Format, as well as the resumes of Dr. Yelena Hamilton, CFO and Gary Hamilton, CEO - History and Gaming Projections 2008!

The Business Plans for 2009-2010 are the fruition of 5 years of programming and development into Virtual Print, Advertising, Marketing, and Multimedia of the over 1,000,0000 images and over 200 hours of animation now controlled and owned by as well as over 2,000 domain names in the entity holdings at Partners include,,,,,,, and with plans to distibute over 4GB of FREE Series, Cartoons, Video, and Photo Content. In development for late 2009 are the delivery of Downloadable PDF Multimedia Advertising in Banner and Keyword Advertising and Searches at and, PDF Video, PDF Video Conferencing, Classic Books, PDF Comic Books, PDF Coloring Interactive Books, PDF Art Collections all through the domain holdings:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and currently has offices in Ryazan, Russia; Kharokov, Ukraine; Belgrade, Yugoslavia; and Las Vegas USA.

With the resources, projects, opportunities is seeking Venture Capital, Joint Venture Partners, Underwriters, Progressive Funding, Lottery Funding, Poker Tournament Funding and Partners and Sponsors, Blackjack Tournament Funding and Partners and Sponsors, Pai Gow Tournament Funding and World Series of Pai Gow and Partners and Sponsors, Baccarat Tournament Funding and Partners and Sponsors, Backgammon Tournament - Backgammon Challenge Funding and Partners and Sponsors, Golf Tournament Funding and Partners and Sponsors all part of the Million Dollar Classic Series of Events from the -; In addition, qualified JVP Management, JVP Developers, and JVP Visionaires to meet the timetables, windows of opportunity, and the highly profitable and economic opportunities that exist in today's market worldwide from Dubai to Vegas to Macau to Sydney to Moscow to London. For more information on the ongoing projects contact Gary Hamilton and 1.702.510.6740 EM@il: Project Q&A or skype: sevenservices.
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